CISC181 S2019 LabGrading

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We will use the following general grading scale for each lab assignment:

  • 4.0: Outstanding: All requirements (bullet and sub-bullet points in lab outline) satisfied without issues
  • 3.0: Very good: At least 3/4 of requirements met; some small problems
  • 2.0: Satisfactory: At least 1/2 of requirements met; non-trivial problems
  • 1.0: Poor: Extremely serious problems, but some effort/understanding displayed. This is your highest grade possible if your submission does not compile, so MAKE SURE IT DOES!
  • 0.0: No credit: No requirements met -- either no submission or unmodified/minimally modified template code submitted

We will adjust with +0.5 or -0.5 in border cases.

On Labs 0-7, if you believe you have added non-trivial features worthy of extra credit--i.e., above and beyond the requirements--please let the TA know in your submission. In such cases we may award a maximum of 4.5 points for the lab. In order to qualify, you must have already done all the lab requirements -- you can't "make up" for missing features by adding some of your own.

If you have questions about whether something you're considering might qualify, don't hesitate to ask before you submit!

Lab #8 will not have any extra credit opportunity.