CISC220 F2021 Lab6

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The Drozdek references below are to the textbook. It shouldn't matter whether you have the 3rd or 4th edition.

The exercises don't make it clear, but "computational complexity" means "big O complexity". Please write your f function (number of instructions, counting assignments, array accesses, arithmetic operations, and comparisons) as well as your g function.

1. Written problems

  • (0.75 points) Drozdek exercise 2.11.7 about changing the longest subarray algorithm. Please explain your reasoning.
    • Note: There is a typo in the modified outer loop code. "n==i" should read "n - i"
  • (0.75 points) Drozdek exercise 2.11.8 about the kth smallest integer
  • (1.5 points) Drozdek exercise 2.11.9 (0.5 points for each of adding, multiplying, and transposing)
  • (2 points) Drozdek exercise 2.11.10 with four loops (0.5 points per loop). Show the steps of your calculations.

2. Submission

  • Make a PDF file <Your Name>_Lab6_README.pdf with your answers to the written exercises
  • No need to compress or archive the PDF, since that's all you're turning in.
  • Submit it in Canvas by midnight at the end of Tuesday, October 12