CISC220 F2021 Project

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The final project is your opportunity to explore an advanced data structure topic that was NOT covered in class this semester.

The main focus here is to write C++ code which implements and/or applies a data structure and/or algorithm of your choosing. You may use STL or other APIs/libraries, but only in a supporting role. If you use *any* code written by someone else (looking at you, Github), then you must cite it and be completely clear about what you added or changed. I am primarily interested in the code that you write and what your whole program does. Potential topics:

You may work alone or as part of a pair.

Send me an e-mail with your proposal and partner name, if applicable, as soon as possible so that I can give some feedback. I don't just want a single word from the list above but also at least a sentence or two on what existing code/libraries you might use and a link to data that you intend to apply your program to. As soon as I approve your proposal, you can pick a time slot for an in-person demo (not in front of the class) on Friday, December 10. Your code must also be submitted on this day.