CISC181 S2015 LabGrading

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0.5% of each lab’s 3% is attendance

We use a “bucket” grading scale for the rest of the lab:

  • 2.5: Outstanding: All requirements met, plus additional features or especially elegant approach.
    • If you believe you have added features worthy of extra credit, please let the TA know in your submission (there's a text box on the Sakai page you can use)
    • If you have questions about whether something you're considering might qualify, don't hesitate to ask!
  • 2.0: Very good: All requirements satisfied without issues
  • 1.5: Satisfactory: Nearly all requirements met; some small problems
  • 1.0: Fair: Some requirements not met; non-trivial problems
  • 0.5: Poor: Extremely serious problems, but some effort/understanding displayed. This is your highest grade possible if your submission does not compile, so MAKE SURE IT DOES!
  • 0.0: No credit: No submission or unmodified/minimally modified template code submitted