CISC181 S2017 Lab9

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  • Make a new Android project with n = 9 following these instructions through step 6. On step 7 "Select form factor...", switch over to step 4 on the Android developers page tutorial here and complete through step 6 which ends with " Finish". Make the activity be called "MyActivity".


First, make the empty activity project as described above and confirm that you can build and run it -- either on the emulator or an actual Android device as explained on the next page "Run Your App".

Second, take the empty activity project and modify it to become a very simple "rock paper scissors" generator as detailed below:

  1. Change the layout in activity_my.xml to a vertical LinearLayout, similar to this example
  2. Change the old TextView that was printing "Hello, world" to say "Click the button below to get a new shape".
  3. Add an ImageView underneath, centered laterally, that initially shows a rock, paper, OR scissors image. Find your own for these, cropped and scaled to 250 x 250, and put them in res/drawable with the names "rock.png", "paper.png", and "scissors.png". Here's some help for drawable resources
  4. Add a TextView underneath the image which acts as a caption, saying "Rock" if the image is a rock, "Paper" if it's paper, and "Scissors" if it's scissors. The caption should be centered laterally.
  5. Finally, add a centered Button under the caption. This button should be labeled "New" and when pressed causes another random selection which (possibly) changes the image and caption above . The caption text should be set not through resources but instead by using setText() in, and something similar should be done with the image.

Note: Do NOT make changes to any other XML resource file besides activity_my.xml.

Here is a screenshot of a sample program that satisfies the above requirements (except it should say "MyLab_9"):



Submit your and activity_my.xml. Make sure your name is in both. FYI, comments in XML files look like this:

<!-- here is my name -->