CISC181 S2019 NewAndroidStudioProject

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  1. Open Android Studio
  2. Choose "Start a new Android Studio Project"
  3. Choose "Add No Activity" and click "Next" (accepting default form factor of "Phone and tablet")
  4. Fill in "Application name": "MyLab_n" where n is the number of the lab, or "MyProject_n" where n is the number of the project milestone.
  5. Fill in "Package name" so it is something like cisc181.mylab_n, depending on what you chose for the application name
  6. "Project location" should be filled in for you. Change the path to something else if you want.
  7. Click "Finish" (accepting default "Minimum API level")
  8. Wait a bit while things get configured
  9. Now do this (starting at step 2). BUT if you are doing JUnit testing, try this