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Your analytical paper should be a 3- or 4-page analysis (12-pt font or smaller, 1 inch margins, single-spaced) of the ethical dimensions of one of the following topics:

  • Robots as workers in factories, offices, stores, farms, and other job locations (not including transportation)
  • Artificial intelligence software supplementing and/or replacing "knowledge workers" in fields including but not limited to journalism, teaching, banking, and the law
  • Self-driving automobiles, from multiple perspectives such as impacts on labor, safety, and the environment

Your paper should draw primarily from the examples and arguments made in the relevant readings such as TSMA, Chapter 2 and/or MLG Chapter 2. You may cite other sources which are not already class readings, but do not feel that you have to find a bunch of other examples. If you use any outside sources, follow the IEEE citation style with a "References" section at the paper (which does not count for the number of pages ☹)

In your paper you should briefly summarize the facts of any examples you provide, and discuss in detail the ethical-social issues raised, following the ImpactCS approach. See especially Figure 1, where you identify relevant issues (the columns) and who the affected stakeholders are (the rows). You may also refer to items in the ACM/IEEE codes and talk more generally about deontological vs. consequentialist perspectives.

Please submit your paper as a hard copy in class on Tuesday, October 11, or e-mail me a PDF by midnight on that day.